• Sustainable sacred incense wood sticks.


    Palo Santo, also known as ‘Holy Wood’, is a tree native to many South and Central American countries. 
Traditionally used for purification ceremonies and as medicine, its highly fragrant and oil-rich wood 
burns and smolders to create beautiful incense for meditative and domestic uses.

    Resinous, sweet and somewhat citrusy, it’s no surprise that this tree is related to frankincense 
and myrrh – but it is even more versatile. Use it as an aromatherapeutic aid to clear negative 
energies and bring clarity and tranquility, or burn it as part of your yoga practice.

    This wood is sustainably harvested from fallen trees, certified by the National Forest Service 
and Wildlife of Peru, and has been dried and cured for at least three years.

    Palo Santo

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    • Each stick is approximately 10cm long and 1 to 2cm wide.
      Available in packages of 4 sticks or 6 sticks.

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