• Luxury bath shots are the perfect gift for a loved one or equally to treat yourself. Pour the contents in a warm bath, soak away a stressful day, unwind and relax.

    These bath shots have lots of properties that can help soothe sore muscles, de-stress the body, cleanse and exfoliate, and can help with physical and emotional wellbeing.

    + Pink Himalayan salt can help your skin retain moisture, leaving your skin softer and smoother.
    It’s a powerful detoxifier, making you feel refreshed and nourished. It has antimicrobial properties, which can help bring relief to irritated and painful skin conditions. The salt can also help to relax and relieve muscle aches.

    + Dead Sea salt naturally rich in Magnesium, Calcium and Potassium, can support natural skin healing. Softens, soothes and nourishes dry, irritated skin.

    + Dried lavender and lavender oil has many properties, restorative, calming, and relaxing are only a few. They are often used to help with anxiety, calm the mind and to purify the skin. Anti-spasmodic properties can also help soothe menstrual cramps and mild analgesic properties make it good for headaches and migraines.

    + Rose petals are a nervine; they can help soothe and calm the nervous system, easing tension and pain. They are also an anti-inflammatory.

    + Cornflower petals are calming and can help with anxiety and stress, but also can help ease menstrual cramps. Soothing with anti-inflammatory properties, they can help alleviate sunburns and skin disorders.

    + Rosemary oil can help with circulation and ease stress. It is also said to have properties that can help relieve pain and reduce joint inflammation.


    • Also available in a natural linen/cotton fabric gift pouch.


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    • Keep out of reach of children and pets. Not for consumption, for external use only. Always consult a healthcare professional before use if you are suffering from a medical condition, on medical treatment, pregnant, breastfeeding or have very sensitive skin. Avoid contact with face and eyes.

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