• Inspired by the clear forest air, this fresh and enlivening blend is infused with a combination of eight essential oils to bring expansion and purification into your airways for more easeful breathing, while also providing you with feelings of calm, confidence and comfort.

    Breathe contains several powerhouse oils that protect and clear your entire system and is the perfect companion if you feel you need a boost of immune support and relief from seasonal allergies.

    It is also a deeply supportive companion if you need to energetically release anxiety, grief or overwhelm from your body. When we hold these particular emotions, we tend to feel a restriction in the lungs with quick, short breaths, as well as heaviness of heart. Breathe allows you to expand and deepen your breathing and soften your energy.

    Scent notes: Minty, fresh, airy

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    Breathe Roller Body Oil

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    • Made by Revkah Aromatherapy www.revkaharomatherapy.com

      10ml glass bottle

      Cruelty free and vegan friendly / No artificial fragrances

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