• Limited Edition: Rēve Candles and Primary Life collaboration presents Be Merry.


    Spicy and warming, this candle is the go to for the festive season.

    Uplifting & energising, made with pure essential oil of cinnamon, clove & bitter orange.


    A large Be Merry candle made in a Primary Life jesmonite jar with lid available in red and green.


    Please note: Each piece is uniquely handcrafted, there will be slight differences in the colour and may have imperfections in the surface including air bubbles this is what makes the handmade process so unique and not one jar is the same, you're very own unique piece.



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    • • All candles are hand-poured in London using a creamy blend of coconut and soy wax.


      • Our natural vegetable wax is made from renewable resources and is sustainable. It also burns cleaner and much longer than paraffin.


      • We only use pure essential oils, no perfume or fragrance, this naturally helps lift and enhance your mood.


      • Wicks are made from unbleached cotton intertwined with a twisted thread of paper, no chemicals,  no bleach and no chlorine used.


      • All candles are vegan and we do not test on animals.


      • Approximate burn time is 35 hours. 250ml.


      • Dimensions: 8.5 x 9.5cm


      • Primary Life Jesmonite Jar: Please note each piece is unique and as they are handcrafted, there may be slight imperfections in the surface including air bubbles this is what makes handmade process so unique. Jesmonite is an acrylic composite which is a non-toxic and water based eco-friendly alternative to polyester resin which is flame resistant.


      • Also available in a natural linen/cotton fabric gift pouch.

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